Hotel Boutique Basílica

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Places of interest

Historic Center: Boutique Hotel La Basílica, is located in the heart of the Historic Center of Quito that has an area of approximately 3.75 square kilometers and is considered the best preserved Historic Center and one of the most important in Latin America.


Leaving our hotel, a 1809 Neorepublican house, we can look north and impress with the wonderful neo-gothic temple of the Basilica of the National Vote and if we look To the south we find ourselves under the gaze of the winged virgin of the muffin.


Basilica of the National Vote:

A few steps from the hotel, you are welcomed to the most important work of Ecuadorian neo-Gothic architecture and one of the most representative of the American continent, the building was designed by the French architect Emilio Tarlier who was inspired by the Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame . The architectural work is created with the aim of consecrating Ecuador to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Basilica has a length of 140 meters, a width of 35 meters and its central nave has a height of 30 meters. In addition, it has two incomes and six access doors. One of its most interesting attributes is the design of the mythological gargoyles, whose faces were replaced by typical animals of the country such as armadillos, crocodiles, turtles, monkeys and iguanas.


Plaza Grande / Independence Square:

Let’s be part of the constant mobility of the nerve center of Quito, which is only 5 minutes walk from the hotel, to see a very rich human landscape that is made up of all the cultural heritage that Quito has. The Plaza Grande represents the most important central space and symbolic of the Historic District, its main feature is the Independence Monument dedicated to the independence heroes of August 10, 1809.


The surroundings of the square are surrounded to the west by the Carondelet Palace, to the south by the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito, to the north by the Archbishop’s Palace of Quito, and several buildings and to the east by the Municipal Palace of Quito.

Archbishop’s Palace:

To the north side of the Plaza Grande is the Archbishop’s Palace. On the ground floor there is a portal with archery, it is accessed by a hallway to a large courtyard with a pile that is surrounded by several High quality restaurants of typical Ecuadorian food, chocolate shops, remember to buy the best chocolate in the world with infusions of roses or fruits of Ecuador, craft shops
Fine and specialty specialty coffee shops.


Walking through its corridors and corners, is to enter and feel part of the stories and legends that They keep immersed in their baroque architecture.

Monastery of Carmen Bajo:
We head south of the hotel a few steps away, we contemplate the rich religious and cultural heritage of the Carmelite order, women of the cloister who continue their life of contemplation and spirituality, the beautiful church, the rooms of the monastery and the orangery are some of the highlights In the main altarpiece of its main altar, the Virgen del Carmen stands out, carved by one of the few Women recognized as artists in the colonial era of Quito, among the valuable heritage of this Monumental group features the famous Bethlehem, composed of a large number of clay figures enamel.

Sucre National Theater:

Let’s walk east to 100 meters from the hotel, to find one of the jewels of classical architecture that adorn the city of Quito, the beautiful Republican-style theater is one of the oldest opera houses in South America, expressing the neoclassical character of the time, the project was carried out by the German architect Francisco Schmit and his style recalls the European opera houses in which the so-called “Italian theater” was evidenced.

On the second floor of the theater is the restaurant THEATRUM Restaurant & Wine Bar, it is a gastronomic space that includes a wide variety of dishes from regions of the country, covering different areas of the Coast, Sierra and the Ecuadorian East.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito: One of the first churches with a classic romantic style. The Cathedral of Quito constitutes the main temple of the city of Quito and of the archbishops, bishops and other ecclesiastical dignities and is the temple in which the most important religious ceremonies are held, such as the dragging of caudas.

It has an important collection of works of art, paintings and sculptures made by important artists of the colonial and republican era, here are the remains of Marshal Sucre.

Church of the Society of Jesus:
Just 8 minutes walk from the hotel, surprise yourself and carry in your memory the temple of The Company of Jesus, which is the most representative work of the Baroque in Ecuador and in South America.

Its facade is a work of art made of volcanic stone, in its interiors the beauty and splendor are found in the altars, pulpits, altarpieces, pillars, vaults and domes covered with gold leaf.

Another of the peculiarities of this style is the movement, product of the way the main columns of the temple and the main altarpiece are designed, which produces the impression that it moves while walking inside the church. The luminosity is another of the peculiarities of the baroque, the upper windows of the main nave are placed with such precision that they illuminate the whole church with the sunlight from there their pseudonym of golden church.

San Francisco Church:
Within the walking circuit that the Hotel La Basilica recommends to its guests, you have to admire the architectural beauty of the Church and Convent of San Francisco, which is an impressive monument of the Franciscan heritage of Quito.

The site consists of a temple, several chapels and a convent. Explore this huge historical monument and discover the 13 cloisters of the church, its elaborate Mudejar-style designs and a vast art collection.

The San Francisco Church has a great variety of artistic manifestations that are made with different techniques, the one that stands out the most is the Quito School that emerges in this place.

It has been recorded that San Francisco has 3,500 artistic pieces from the colonial era. It has an extraordinary Franciscan library, with great cultural wealth.

La Ronda Street:

We visit one of the most representative areas of Quito where the so-called “philosophy bohemian ”in their inns. Musicians, iconic songs, great poets, furrowed their sidewalks, below of the picturesque balconies that remain intact today, decorated with beautiful geraniums.
In this wonderful traditional street we can enjoy the cultural and gastronomic attractions.

It was in the houses of this narrow street where songs and halls were written to politicians, Romantic and bohemian.

El Panecillo:

Let us appreciate the Virgin of Quito that is located on the cusp of El Panecillo, and is one of the sculptures with greater architectural and artistic recognition in Latin America. It’s about a mosaic of 7,000 pieces of aluminum and other metals, the statue is 35 meters high so high
like the Christ of Rio de Janeiro.


The image of the virgin is perched on a globe with a snake that represents the wrong, chained at his feet. It has wings, and refers to the Apocalyptic Virgin.

Cable Car:

At 4000 meters above sea level, live an experience in style to appreciate our beautiful Quito and imposing volcanoes and snowfalls from the cabins of the cable car, highest in the world.


Next to the Quito Cable Car, there is the amusement park ” VulQano Park ” which houses electric games for the whole family from children to the most extreme.

Half of the World: Located 13 kilometers north of downtown Quito, our guests can enjoy the monument in the middle of the world, visit the headquarters of the Unasur.

1 hour heading north of downtown Quito, we can admire an obelisk and a beautiful monumental complex, we will have an encounter with the treasures of art, architecture and science in the midst of green landscapes, the monument is crowned by a metal sphere that represents the earth.

During the visit you can put one foot in the northern hemisphere and another foot in the southern hemisphere, with the 30-meter-high monument in the background, erected in 1982 and crowned with the globe.

Remember that we can organize a private tour for you from our hotel, including transportation, lunch and guide in English.

Let’s live an adventure in the Dawn Valley, a place that offers several alternatives for both Adventure tourism, nature, culture and exquisite cuisine.

In Otavalo you can take walks and walks to the waterfall of Peguche, The Millenary Tree, The milkman of Rey Loma with a spectacular view of Lake San Pablo, in this wonderful place share the culture, traditions and ancestral knowledge of its people and we cannot leave without visit the emblematic indigenous market of ponchos and buy authentic indigenous handicrafts, and End the afternoon visiting a flower factory.

Remember that we can organize a private tour for you from our hotel, including transportation, lunch and guide in English.

Quilotoa Lagoon:
Let’s enjoy this mysterious wonder of nature, La Laguna del Quilotoa is one of the 15 lagoons of volcanic origin appreciated as the most beautiful in the world.

The Quilotoa is the most western volcano of the Ecuadorian Andes, within its crater it has formed a boiler with a diameter of almost 9 km and 250 m deep, a lagoon has formed.


The minerals have given the surface a greenish and bluish tone when it receives the impact of sunlight. Inside, there are springs that, from the shore, can be perceived as bubbling Steles that rise to the surface.

In the splendid Quilotoa you can perform ecotourism and adventure tourism with a high dose of adrenaline or just contemplate the nearby landscapes.

Remember that we can organize a Private tour for you from our hotel, including transportation lunch and guide in English.

Cotopaxi Volcano:

A short distance from Quito is the Cotopaxi volcano which is one of the most impressive of Ecuador, this beautiful place is a very popular option among lovers of mountaineering and hiking.

The Cotopaxi is one of the favorite cusps of mountaineers in Ecuador. Due to its elevation 5,897 meters above sea level, its climate is glacial.


Remember that we can organize a Private tour for you from our hotel, including transportation lunch and guide in English.